You are Survivor!

Every one of us has a tale to tell about how the coronavirus pandemic has affected our daily lives. Those who have recovered from a virus and made it through are still experiencing symptoms such as fatigue and lethargy, to mention a few. Many of you have expressed how difficult it is to get through the workday without feeling like you're about to fall asleep at your desk. Workplaces are often forgiving and encourage employees to take a break. But, if you're wondering how you may help yourself feel better sooner, here's how I can assist you.

Make an appointment for a facial; yes, just having a facial will help, I promise.

According to studies, it's not simply the pleasure of feeling and smelling skin care products and later seeing the results that you get from a facial, but when you fall asleep, just for 10-15 min during the facial massage it will be the equivalent of like you have slept for three months. Your brain relaxes on a different level, and a steady touch from my hands allows you to drift off to a different form of sleep. Also, little additional things in the background, such as the soft aroma of essential oils, and the warmth of a heat bag, all of these little things will help you achieve a peaceful state of mind. Request or, more likely, I will propose that you have a scalp massage from me while you are having a mask on, and it will, undoubtedly, make you feel as if you are floating and afterward energized.

Try to unwind at home after the facial with a cup of tea or maybe even a glass of wine. The next day, you will have greater energy and the sensation of being yourself again. Plus, your skin will glow, and your entire well-being will improve. So, why don't you contact me right now, and let's get you back on track?

Furthermore, till the 18th of July 2022 have your facial at the discounted price of $87 instead of $130.

Call or text 0478113926 or email with your preferred day and time to or simply visit for an easy online booking, choose Boost & Bright Facial, mention code "Covid Survivor" in entering "Appointment Times/Days" at the checkout.

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