Costly Beauty of Fake

We've all heard of and bought at some stage fake designer bags, purses, glasses, etc.. But what about fake beauty products? With the easy and convenient online shopping and bargain-seeking thrill of finding a good deal, it is becoming more usual to come across phony skincare items.

Fake bag VS Fake Skin Care

False bags will not hurt you, just a phony girlfriend if she can pick a difference might make a cruel comment, nevertheless, fake skincare, on the other hand, may cause you numerous troubles. I'd like to tell you a story.

Many years ago, when I was a rookie on a beautiful field, one of my customers complained about blotchy, reddish patches on her face and neck. It didn't look promising! I used to work with a lovely range of Payot skincare back then and reminded her that I don't recall her purchasing anything from me. That's when she told me about the strawberrynet online store, one of many those days. I pounced on it and discovered that you can virtually buy anything there, from cosmetics to perfumes, vitamins, tea, and so on.

I phoned Payot's headquarters and received information. Essentially, Payot, like many other skincare providers, could not prevent counterfeit products from being manufactured and distributed to the public online, but they have managed to protect themselves with the right if you, as a consumer, did not buy directly from guys like me, beauty salons, Payot, and other cosmeceutical companies do not hold responsibility for what may happen to you or your skin. This is the limit of our abilities.

Digging further I came across an article. In New York, a journalist went undercover and obtained samples of lipsticks, perfume, and cosmetics from a warehouse of stocked counterfeit goods, which were then sent to a lab to be tested for content. Surprise, surprise!!!! Lipsticks were still manufactured from animal fat, and wait for it... lead, mercury, copper, paint stripper in mascara, and animal urine in scent.

Yes, you read it right, animal urine!!!! Animal urine has the chemical potential to retain the original smell of additional fragrance; Counterfeiters must match the smell, but they must earn a profit too, therefore a couple of ounces of animal urine will fill the bottle for you, and here's the great profit for them. So, when you believe you've found a good deal on Channel 5, you're really putting poor animal urine on yourself. Not to mention the carcinogenic qualities of the aforementioned lead, Beryllium, arsenic, and other elements found in moisturizers. cleansers, serums, etc... Furthermore, animal value is non-existent in major counterfeiting-producing countries like China, Turkey, India, Pakistan, and so on... You must agree that cosmeceutical companies invest a lot of money in research and developing newer, organic, cruelty-free products, which cost money, and you as a consumer demand it, but not your fault at all you buy a toxic, cruel product for convenience, you trust and it's convenient to make a purchase that will be delivered to your door. But the cost could be devastating!

This particular client was fortunate in that her skin reacted within a week and she understood where the problem was coming from; nevertheless, some people may be using fake for a while and then looking around the cupboard wondering which one has gone bad!

Before and now

A new customer arrived at my studio two weeks ago (June 2022) and brought with her my personal favorite ASAP moisturizer with SPF 50. She happened to pass by one day and noticed in the window that I stock ASAP skin care. She has questioned me about a product she purchased online. I showed her the original and we discussed how the texture, aroma, and packaging differed. What a noticeable difference! To begin, ASAP was created and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia, and its address is printed on the back of the packaging. Her moisturizer was created in Slovenia, and they couldn't lie about that; the rest is the same, and the list of ingredients is the same as the original, and why wouldn't it be?. Make your own decision here. Draw your own conclusion here. For starters, ASAP and other manufacturers will not and do not sell their products on websites, and as a result, we beauty salon owners will not work with them. I have paid to learn and constantly update myself on ingredients and I must stock with the knowledge to deliver the best to you, the best for your skin type, and deliver a product that is going to give you results. In the end are you willing to jeopardize your health, that's the question here! And I genuinely hope you are not purchasing internet things that you will use internally unless the company has been confirmed to be legitimate and respected.

Have you purchased anything online? Have you had any skin issues or is your skin still tolerating? What websites have you used? Look forward to hearing from you!!!



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