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Yes, we are all familiar with the idiom "the eyes are the window to the soul." But in today's environment, everyone wants to seem youthful and have eyes free of wrinkles. Our eyes have a lot to put up with in this busy environment. They put up with stress, longer TV and computer sessions, pollution, the intense Australian summer sun, etc. I believe it is now appropriate to discuss how eye creams should be applied correctly in order to give eyes the proper care. Here, I'd want to discuss the value of using eye creams, their advantages, and the reasons why doing so is actually necessary.

In comparison to the rest of your face, the periorbital area also referred to as the area around the eyes, has delicate skin that is thin. Accordingly, applying a face moisturizer won't assist at all; in fact, you'll smother the skin around your eyes, making it sit heavy and maybe contributing to a droopy, fatigued appearance there.

So, the only solution is eye cream. What is eye cream? In essence, it is concentrated nutrition meant to lighten dark circles, minimize puffiness, and shield skin from the elements.

Let's look at the ingredients that popular cosmeceuticals companies frequently employ in eye creams and what you should consider before buying a product.

The skin surrounding the eyes must be protected from further harm with substances like vitamin C and niacinamide (a type of vitamin B3).

The substances that can aid in boosting blood circulation and minimizing swelling or puffiness are caffeine and vitamin K. However, with these ingredients eye cream should be preferably used during the day, as they're also could be some reflective particles that are amazing under concealer as they brighten the area.

Shea butter and hyaluronic acid are two ingredients that help to hydrate and moisturize the skin both during the day and at night.

Retinol and glycolic acid are active ingredients that have been shown to smooth wrinkles, promote elasticity, and firm up the sensitive eye area by removing dead skin cells, which are frequently the cause of dullness and unattractive texture.

When shall you start the use of an eye cream? The earlier the better, around the age of 20 is a perfect start, prevent the damage before it occurs.

The application of eye cream is very easy, quick, and important. Use no more than the amount of a pea; using more would be a waste of the product and would be ineffective. Beginning at the outer corners of your eyes, apply moisturizer in a circular motion towards your nose and all around your eyes, and finish with the facial moisturizer on the rest of your skin. Before beginning to put on makeup, give yourself a minute allowing products to do their work. At night your skin regime is the same, cleanse, follow with eye cream and finish with face and neck moisturizer. Use of serums, as you know gives you an extra boost, but that's another talk for us girls, here let's concentrate on eye cream.

One more crucial point I must make here when the skin is excessively delicate, some people might find using an eye cream twice a day to be excessive. Your routine for using eye cream in this situation should be at night. Your skin has a natural ability to heal and rejuvenate when your body is at rest. Consequently, using an eye cream at night will aid in strengthening the anti-aging effect.

I welcome your thoughts and inquiries to learn more. Additionally, the next time you visit, bring your eye cream moisturizer so we can discuss its components. If you don't currently use an eye cream, ask me to show you the one I believe is the best so you can test it out and make your own judgment. 

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