Clique Beauty Studio is a high end boutique salon located in South Melbourne that provides a range of beauty treatments from head to toe. Clique assists both women and men to improve or enhance their appearance leading to increased self confidence by providing relaxing treatments, including facial treatments, waxing, eyelash and eyebrow tints, and much more.

Owner and operator Natalie started the small business in 2004, with the focus on providing personalised treatment, using the highest quality products and in a comfortable and friendly environment.Cliques focus is on providing treatments using the highest quality products in a comfortable and safe environment, has decided to donate its time, knowledge and skills of beauty therapy to raise money for kids with cancer foundation for the months of December 2015.

Book your favorite treatment or try a new one, purchase a gift voucher for yourself or loved one, or get that spray tan that you always wanted. Clique also has a brand new body lotion exclusive to our store that can be delivered straight to you, as we stand behind the quality of what we offer!

What is the Difference?

So what makes a professional, salon only skin care different to a department store or a supermarket skin care product? From my personal experience, the difference is the quality of the raw ingredients and the quality of the end product that is on our shelfs. Professional skin care products rarely advertise to the mass market, they rely on results and word of mouth, extensive research of particular company, not on marketing. So they have to really perform and deliver dramatic, visible results fast.

Professional only products usually have an extensive range that can be tailored to individual skin types, conditions or concerns.

They are professional-only for a very good reason. It takes a thoroughly trained, minimum Certificate IV, Diploma or Degree qualified skin therapist to understand the skin in detail, the complex biological mechanisms and how these are affected by the environment and lifestyle.

Only a highly trained and qualified therapist can confidently develop an effective treatment plan using professional only products that will deliver results.

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